• This is the Canadian Broadcasting Network website linking parents to special interest subjects and more. Click on the kid"s icon to be linked to the preschool heading to find more information for parents.
  • The renowned Today"s Parent Magazine allows parents to go navigating for information on their subject of choice. The home page is filled with interesting articles and specialists" advice to wet your palette...
  • A popular parenting magazine, Child Magazine, has a site filled with information on various subjects for parents, just check it out!
  • John and Linda Eyre are parents of nine children whose personal book on values helps parents clarify and select basic values for their children. This book suggests objectives and teaches methods that work, using twelve common values that are broken down into fun activities for preschoolers to adolescents:

    "Teaching Your Children Values" by Linda and Richard Eyre
    (ISBN: 0-671-76966-9; Simon and Schuster publication, New York)
    Related literature: "Teaching Children Responsibility" by Linda and Richard Eyre

  • John Gray is a certified family therapist who has written this guide book for parents to help them develop positive parenting skills for raising cooperative, confident and compassionate children:

    "Children are From Heaven" by John Gray, PH.D
    (ISBN: 0-06-017565-6; Harper Collins Publishers)
  • This book is about valuing kids for who they are and helping them to acquire inner strength and discipline:

    "Kids Are Worth It" by Barbara Coloroso

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