• The renowned Today’s Parent Magazine allows parents to go navigating for information on their subject of choice. The home page is filled with interesting articles and specialists’ advice to wet your palette...

  • These known psychologists have provided parents with a guide of effective strategies to help prepare children for life’s challenges:

    "Raising Resilient Children" by Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein
    (ISBN: 0-8092-9765-5; McGraw-Hill Books)
  • Renowned educator, mental training consultant and lifeskills programs creator, Dr. Terry Orlick, has written this book with a series of many others, to help parents nurture and respect themselves and their needs, to be able to take better care of their children’s feelings:

    "Nice on My Feelings: Nurturing the Best in Children and Parents" by Terry Orlick, PH.D
    (ISBN: 0-921165-41-2; Creative Bound Inc.)
  • This is an excellent children book to read to your preschooler to help them understand about feelings. In this story, children explore many mood changes; for ages 4-8:

    "Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day" by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell
    (ISBN: 0-06-028761-6; Harper Collin)
  • This book is a great guide for parents to helping children sort out their mixed feelings about the new baby. A great literacy choice for family reading time:

    "The New Baby At Your House" by Joanna Cole
    (ISBN: 0-688-16698-9)

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