Social Abilities

  • This is the Canadian Broadcasting Network website linking parents to special interest subjects and more. Click on the kid’s icon to linking you to the preschool heading and again more info for parents.
  • This book talks about resiliency and morals:

    "Raising a Thinking Child" by Myrna Shure

  • This book’s author is a professor of human development, and divulges everything you need to know about preparing your first child, understanding your child’s feelings, and advises you on how to deal with different types of behaviours:

    "From One Child to Two: What to Expect, How to Cope, and How to EnjoyYour Growing Family" by Judy Dunn

  • A practical guide book filled with advice for parents created by two experienced parenting counsellors:

    "Surviving Sibling Rivalry" by Lee and Marlene Canter
    (A practical guide for parents; Lee Canter and Associates)

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