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The Kangaroo Family: The Bong-Bongs

“Hop, hop and hurry up!” is the slogan of this traditional family (mom, dad and children).

The Hero-Child: Kounga

Extravert, a “consummate drama artist”, creative, entrepreneurial… and controlling.

She has a temper; she is very creative and displays a clear tendency of exaggeration. She loves role playing (she impersonates her mother!) and rule playing (she likes to set the rules, as she sees fit). She has a very logical mind. Sometimes quick-tempered, she may get angry for no real reason: the pleasure of wearing a summer dress in winter, to go out without a hat, to put the scissors in her new clothes thinking she will turn them into a great costume!

When she is annoyed, she tries to get as much attention as she can. Sometimes, she would love to get back into her mother’s pouch. Sometimes, she would like to be a grown-up, like her 12-year-old sister who gets to go to bed later and enjoys more freedom than she is.

She doesn’t like solitary games; she always wants to be with her friends: Tibor, whom she protects and manipulates as well, Bagou, with whom she shares a great physical exuberance, and Rafi, who doesn’t get impressed easily, and with whom she plays practical jokes! Generous, she spends a lot of time organizing activities.

The Father: Dundee

Chef of a great restaurant, he tries his recipes at home.

Home from morning until mid-afternoon, he spends a lot of time with his children and the neighbors’. Between two recipes, he tells them stories using his ten hand-puppets or anything he can find!

Dundee Bong-Bong also gives easy cooking lessons to the children at home, like “how to spread peanut butter on a slide of bread without tearing it”, “how to turn hard ice cream into soft ice cream”, or “how to make celery curl into cold water”.

The Mother: Adelaide

Athletic, Adelaide hosts a fitness TV program every morning, and works at a health center. During the show, children, including hers, are invited to join in.

Super-organized and tidy, it is somewhat amusing to see her spend so much time and energy to restrain her husband’s and children’s excesses.

She doesn’t mislead anymore: when she says no, she means no. Although uncompromising and controlling, she is nonetheless very close to her children and somehow, this makes her funny and endearing.

She can totally be devoted to her little children.

The Big Sister: Ouala

Spontaneous, tidy, she may also be a private person. Most of the time, she is nice to her sister’s friends. She enjoys her father’s eccentricities, she has loyal friends and she is perfectly able to cope with her family rules. Still too young to babysit her sister, she is nonetheless responsible for keeping an eye on her at home or in the garden, but that doesn’t always please her!

Babi-Pocket: the Baby

Babi-Pocket is a few centimetre long little baby who lives and will always live in his mother’s pouch; never will he grow up.