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Cornemuse and Zozo

This fabulous dog with endearing eyes and a contagious smile is a veterinarian specialized in the treatment of pet animals. She loves the pets she has in her care and she often introduces them to the camera: pet animals, fish or insects!

Enthusiastic and funny, she is always positive. She believes in life and knows how to stay calm. She is someone you can count on. She is reliable and straightforward: she calls a spade a spade, she keeps her promises and when she says no, she means no!

If a child tries to get her attention while she is busy, she doesn’t let her down: she simply explains the reasons why she can’t be with her right now; she gives her a hug and asks her to come and see her a little bit later. With her, children feel special, simply by the way she says their names; she makes them proud of themselves and feel loved just the way they are.

She knows how to listen to them; she is attentive to their secrets and knows how to share her own secrets with them. She knows how to get the best out of them, even out of the most turbulent ones.

Put simply, Cornemuse loves children whether they are around her or at home.

At the beginning of each episode, Cornemuse talks to the children at home: “Good morning sweetie!...” She always says the right words and she always has beautiful stories or crazy rhymes to tell… just before she gets interrupted by her professional duties or by the children of “her world” that stop by to say hello!

She loves to send kisses and she knows all kinds of kisses. At the end of each episode, she invites the viewers to take their kiss catcher and get ready for the Kiss of the Day! Then she sends one of her kisses, be it the most little kiss of the world… or a trumpet kiss, and Zozo, her little animated bird and loyal companion, does the same right after her!

Zozo, the little bird

Zozo lives in two dimensions. At the beginning of each episode, Zozo is a real bird that lives in his open-door cage at Cornemuse’s. But Zozo is also a magic bird: he has the ability to transform himself into an animated bird.

Like Cornemuse, Zozo loves children, especially preschoolers!

His hearing is so keen that he can hear the lightest sob, the slightest breath, the sweetest giggle, miles away! He knows when children need him. If they come to him to seek help, he turns himself into an animated bird to get the ability to fly wherever he wants, even through walls! Only Cornemuse and our four little heroes have the ability to see him and understand his language.

When a child needs support, Zozo provides it by following her wherever she goes; he may even go to the “Island of Dreams”, a symbolic place which represents the child’s inner world. Regularly, Zozo comes back to Cornemuse to warble about his experiences and Cornemuse translates them to our young viewers.

On the website, it's different. Zozo is able to talk : he really talks to children; he follows and help them.