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The Messys

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The Perroquette Sisters

The Monkey Family: The “Dégas” (or The Messys)

The Monkey family is a huge step-family. Before they lived together, Bambou, Bagou’s father, was a widow and Liane was the mother of Zaccharie, a teenager. Together, they had a daughter named Noisette. At the Messys blows a wind filled with fantasy, humor, creativity and joy. Bambou and Liane are strong advocates for freedom and as a result, their family is a bit disorganized

Bagou: The Child Hero

Super active, he needs so much attention and recognition that he always ends up doing too much! He wants to do it all, say it all, so much that most of the time, he simply ends up babbling. He is our little rascal, very funny and endearing. He always wants to push his limits. He would scream: I can do it! Just watch me!... even if sometimes it is simply too much for him. He loves to play tricks; he makes huge efforts to create new jokes or to find just the right word that Liane will love to put into her greeting cards. Reckless, his body is always covered with bumps, cuts and bruises and he always needs a plaster to be put here and there or to be removed… by our charming Cornemuse! Sometimes, he likes to cause a bit of trouble… just to see if Liane, his step-mother, really loves him.

Bambou: The Father

Mr. Messy is an artist who also paints buildings to earn a living (on occasions, he gives a hand to his neighbors by rolling a bit of paint for them). In his leisure time, he paints his own works of art as well as the greeting cards his wife designs for her clients. He makes signs, posters, everything!

He spends most of his time at home, at least physically, but that doesn’t make him more available to anyone; he’s much too absorbed by his artistic activities. However, when he is available, h e is totally devoted to his children. As he likes all kinds of plastic art, it is no surprise to see him designing an art history course for little children.

The Mother: Liane

She designs greeting cards for all occasions. Always on the look-out for new ideas, innovative presentations and the right quotes, she often asks for her children’s opinion to test her ideas or to improve them.

As she works from home, she can easily get cranky if in an attempt to meet her deadline, she constantly gets disturbed! When it happens, we can feel the tension in the house. When she’s had enough and loses her temper, she starts screaming. Shortly after, silence sets in until a scared child starts crying. She then takes her in her arms, apologizing.

Often she gets the feeling that she doesn’t give enough nor do enough for her children, especially for Bagou who is not her natural child. She must learn how to become his real mom. She doesn’t know how to say no and often, Bagou takes advantage of her.

The Big Brother: Zac

The teen brother: Zaccharie or Zac as his friends call him. Liane’s son. Fourteen years old. As he dreams of becoming a stuntman, he already gets ready for the job by lifting weights, balanced with coconuts, to the soundtrack of an action movie. He is always on the go, his skateboard under the arm. He has his own view on fashion and he doesn’t only apply it to the clothes he’s wearing, but to his music as well. Little children adore him; they all try to imitate him in every way they can. Neighbors often call him to babysit while they go out.

The Kid Sister: Noisette

The kid sister: Noisette. Bambou and Liane’s daughter; two years of age. She wears her newborn hat, a quilted bib and a diaper… always! Her parents are very proud of her; they think the world of her and believe she is nothing but a genius! Bagou and Zac play with her and teach her new words. Together they also play many shape and color games (for the benefit of their sister and our young viewers alike!).

Grand-Father Monkey: Grandad

Grandad is a retired carpenter. Regularly, he goes to visit his daughter Liane and his grand-children. Handyman, his practical wisdom is always welcome as there’s always something to fix around the house. When he babysits, he brings surprises and tells stories, children are always fascinated: they love to hear stories about their dad’s childhood and practical jokes… He can always make children laugh and find happy endings to their most dramatic situations!