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The Racoon Family: The Mascots

At the beginning, the Mascots were forming a very special single parent family: two very unusual ladies, mother and daughter, who’ve somehow found innovative ways to get by on very little money. Some time ago, Bilou Coon, the new love of Rubis, Rafi’s mother, moved in with her. This new family structure not only brings new constraints but also a crescendo of new projects put forward by the parents: buy a new house, have a baby. It all sounds great, but Rafi is a bit confused by all this.

Our Hero-Child: Rafi

Rafi is a rebel! From all our friends, she is the most independent, the one who’s having the most problem dealing with rules and social norms. Often, she behaves aggressively and because of that, she gets rejected by her friends. Raising Rafi is quite a challenge!

Despite the shortcomings they have in their mother-daughter relationship, Rafi is very close to her mother; she is Rafi’s best friend, her business partner. Intuitively, Rafi can easily spot from abandoned objects, those that are worth something; she is very creative and skilled in finding solutions to daily problems.

She has a great deal of imagination. To scare her friends, she tells everyone she owns a collection of horrible monsters, locked in boxes that do exactly as she says. Sometimes, her description of these terrible monsters is so vivid, it even scares her!

Children are fascinated by Rafi’s imaginary world and her non-conventional way of living. Now admired, now scared, the bottom line is nobody gets bored when she’s around.

The Mother: Rubis

Rubis is an incurable collector. She goes everywhere in the city looking for all kinds of items she cleans and resells at flea markets and garage sales.

Her apartment is in a complete shambles. Boxes, bags and baskets filled with all kinds of unusual objects, are scattered all over the place.

She is passionate, courageous and gives all she has to keep her business running. However, when she’s on the road looking for the “pearl” of the century, she often leaves Rafi in the care of neighbors.

Rubis loves her daughter but she lacks consistency. She makes promises she can’t keep, she picks her up at the neighbors’, three hours later than scheduled. But despite all of this, Rubis is not a bad mother. She always has a good excuse and she always finds a way to make it up to Rafi.

The relationship with her daughter is passionate and excessive. When they argue, sparks flow; and Rafi gets confused and vulnerable. But on happy days, Rubis simply can’t stay away from her daughter, and she spends most of her time kissing her and telling her how much she loves her.

Rubis’ boyfriend: Bilou Coon

He is a truck driver by profession and owns a small transportation company with his friend and business partner, Bosquet. To the children’s great pleasure, Bilou owns a big truck that makes a high beeping sound when it moves backwards.

Consummate bachelor, he doesn’t have any children but he knows them instinctively. He doesn’t treat them as babies. He speaks to them frankly. With him, our little children know exactly where they stand!

He is attentive and likes to please adults and children alike. He likes it when he sees how fascinated people are by his tricks.

He is tidy. In his truck that is a bit like a home to him, there is a place for everything and everything in its place; he will never be able to get used to Rubis’ mess.

He gets cranky when things are not going his way; he withdraws into himself like an oyster into its shell. Used to his tranquility, he gets irritated easily by the children’s daily routine. Children’s screams make him anxious, to the point where he could easily have a heart attack!