Select one of the following sets of themes to discover the reality of the children, the councils with the parents and the resources which are referred to it.

Keeping quiet

Being unintentionally "pushed" by a parent

Using an object that belongs to an adult as a toy

Sticking together through thick and thin

Getting poisoned

Hey! It was important!

Don't tell me what to do!

Mom and Dad are separating

My house as my… playground

Sharing toys with friends

Making others laugh… or feeling foolish

Venting anger without taking it out on others

We're moving...

Back to daycare!

Dangers of fire and appropriate behaviors

Can't get understood

"Mom... tell Bilou that…"

Packing my bag and go visit my dad… my mom

Dealing with a busy parent

Respecting differences

Things are no longer the same with my friend

I want to sleep in my bed

Be a messenger between mom and dad

Having a pet animal

These sets of themes were approached at the time of the first 25 episodes of the Cornemuse series during the season winter 2003.